Rebloom is a creative multi-purpose theme with fullscreen layout and vertical navigation. The layout concept makes it stand out, but still works for a wide range of website types.
This HTML edition was created for those who want to use it in a content management system other than WordPress, but it can be used as a static page as well.

» Check out the WordPress version «


  • Sophisticated, creative layout concept, but still multi-purpose
  • Every page can use a different layout
  • Unique navigation with off-canvas mobile navigation
  • Responsive stylesheet, that adapts to the screen size
  • Retina ready, including custom made icons
  • Easily adjust colors via separate stylesheet
  • Using Google fonts
  • Many layout variations with different background types (slider, video, map…)
  • Portfolio with multiple views, backend and frontend
  • PSD included
  • Unique ‘chapters’ feature that can be used for software documentation
  • Infinite load on portfolio and blog summary pages (when buildt into a CMS)
  • Blog and archive summary as grid or list view (when buildt into a CMS)


All support is handled in our support form at bloooming.com/forums


Modernizr • 
Slitslider • 
Cond plugin • 
Equal Heights • 
jQuery Lighter • 
jQuery Browser Plugin • 
jQuery One Page Nav Plugin • 
outerHtml • 
infinite scroll • 
SlickJS • 
JVFloat.js • 
FitVids • 
Parallax-Scroller • 
Flexslider • 
imgLiquid • 
retina.js • 


The fotos shown in the demo are not included in the download. Some of them can be purchased at bigstockphoto.com,
and some can be downloaded for free form graphicburger.com

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