Give a unique touch to each of your Posts. From the Post Editor you can create a Color Palette that match the colors of your Featured image. These colors can be assigned to the buttons, text, backgrounds etc. Display your blog entries in a Full screen background image mode, or take advantage of the Grid mode. Let your readers focus on the content without distractions thanks to a clean and beautiful Single Post display. Fluid content and Responsive images makes your Blog ideal for any device size. Parallax done in an elegant way. Dynamic navigation with correct use of the address bar (navigate without reloading pages while the browser keeps track of your steps).

Images from the Demo are not included with the theme.
Image credits from the Demo belong to:

Scripts and styles credits:

WordPress Plugins: All plugins the theme uses are FREE. The theme needs Meta Box plugin listed below to work correctly. Contact Form 7 is also necessary for Contact Page. Others are recommended. All of them can be easily installed after activating the theme.

The theme is built from the great underscores starter theme. The Demo is making use of Simple Image Sizes free WordPress plugin to create extra image sizes.

Thank you very much

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